The 3 Doors Academy

Discovering the powerful beauty of your true self

Meet the Teachers of the third European Academy. Everyone who wants to practice together, wants to know more about the Academy, wants to get to know the teachers or has other thoughts, is welcome!

The Academy provides you with the opportunity to engage deeply in the process of self-discovery. It is rigorous in the sense that you are asked to make an active and on-going commitment to self-reflection and meditation. It is challenging at times…
Languages: English
Teachers/Presenters: Raven Lee, Nicolas Gounaropoulos, Walter Hofmann, Tonny Maas
Experience: Beginner-Friendly, Suitable for All




Naarderstraat 31d
1251 AZ laren
Bank: NL42INGB0689272243
t.n.v. A.J.M. Maas